The medium and heavy duty spring isolators can be used for:

Heavy industrial machinery
Large generator sets
Roller mills and mixers
Complete power plants

MDL (Medium-duty low)
HDL (Heavy-duty low)
HDT (Heavy-duty tall)
HD (Heavy-duty)
HDV (Heavy-duty viscous)
Viscous damper units

Medium and heavy duty spring isolators types MDL, HDL, HDT and HD(V) are available for a load range up to 404.5 kN and static deflections up to 76 mm. This enables the efficient support of very large machinery and/or a very high degree of isolation.

The spring isolators are designed in top grade wire to low stress levels and produced by the hot deformation and annealing method. The finish is by means of protective coatings compatible with the working environment, ensuring a trouble-free service life.
The housings formed by channels allow for pre-loading of the isolators up to the working load and are available in a tall (T) and low (L) version. The HD(V) isolators support an integrated damper unit for reduction of amplitudes in transient conditions. The other types of isolators can be equipped with separate viscous damper unit type DV 1, 2 and 3 to match the damping requirements. Our specialists will be happy to supply you with the selection.

Technical documentation Medium and Heavy Duty Spring Isolators