The standard spring isolators can be used for:

Generator sets
Emergency power supplies
DC-AC converters
Industrial fans
Air-handling units
Air-conditioning machines
Compressor packages
Electrical equipment
Cooler units

Circular spring isolators
Low profile multiple spring isolators
Captive open type
Seismic open type
Spring hangers

Circular spring isolators type CR, CS, CM, CT and CX are available for a load range up to 12.45 kN at 25 mm deflection and up to 10.25 kN at 50 mm deflection. The helical springs are enclosed in aluminium castings, the top interlocking with the base. A built-in levelling device is adjustable by the supplied top fixing screw. A moulded neoprene O-ring prevents metal to metal contact of the casting and forms a seal against the weather and contaminants. For offshore applications we recommend the use of Admiralty gunmetal castings, which are available for different types of isolators.

Low profile multiple spring isolators type MS, LS, LR and LRX are available for a load range up to 41.5 kN. All other features are similar to the circular isolators. Spring hanger units type SH.1 and SH.2 are designed to support pipelines and will stabilise installations. Placed at the right angle the spring hangers will stabilise the equipment in one plane.

The open spring captive and seismic isolators, type OC and OS, are designed for those applications where a limitation of isolator displacements is requested. The captive isolators are intended as a fixture or displacement limiter for a short term period, for instance during transportation of a resilient isolated installation. The seismic isolators are designed to limit the displacements during earthquake conditions and to withstand the G-forces imposed on the isolators. A further reduction of the installation displacements can be achieved with the additional installation of spring hanger units..

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