Designers and manufactures of vibration isolation equipment

AVM is one of the leading companies in the field of vibration isolation, noise and shock control. The company was established in 1975 and when it became a subsidiary of Rubber Design in 1996, the range of vibration and noise isolation components developed further.

Noise and vibrations are part of our daily lives, but on occasion they become a nuisance and can cause problems. The experts at AVM can remedy this.

AVM is continuously striving to stay ahead with new developments. The company has experience in solving practically every type of vibration and noise problem. This makes AVM an indispensable business partner for a large range of customers.
We provide service back-up which includes advise on isolator selection, design and fabrication of isolated base frames, design of isolated foundations in reinforced concrete and mount installation services.

Designing, manufacturing and installation work is all carried out by AVM using the most modern techniques: CAD, FE, CNC, vibration measurement and analysing equipment.